With over 200 UK-based suppliers, Logan Pharmaceuticals has access to a large volume of UK-branded ethical lines, generic medicines, dressings and surgical supplies on regular monthly orders. Our close working relationships with our suppliers mean we can source your requirements quickly, in volume and at a price that provides benefit and value.


Working closely with our licensed wholesale partners within the UK and EU gives us the ability to source products from all over the EU for Parallel Import Production. We can source EU products based on a UK requirement and can assess EU stock offerings to identify lines which present true value and benefit to both the EU supplier and UK-based buyer.

Pharmacy Services

Logan Stock Exchange

Do you have a "shelf of shame" within your pharmacy? Every pharmacy accumulates stock which is not required for dispensing or wholesale purposes and this represents your cash tied up and doing nothing to generate income.

All our UK suppliers benefit from our free facility to list surplus dispensary or wholesale stock lines which they cannot use. If another of our suppliers can use this product we will let you know, collect the stock and ship it to them directly. Further details are available upon request.

Regulatory Assistance and Advice

We offer regulatory advice and guidance to all of our UK-based suppliers. As our suppliers will testify, we take great pride in providing a comprehensive service covering all aspects of EU GDP from initial WDA(H) applications, to variations and pre- and post-inspection support. Our service is in much demand as it is among the best in the industry and enables our suppliers to concentrate on their core pharmacy business.

Free Procurement Assistance and Advice to Our UK-Based Suppliers

As we own and operate pharmacies ourselves, we have an unparalleled understanding of the demands placed on UK-based pharmacies. We have over the course of the last five years refined our purchasing practices in collaboration with our network of suppliers, to identify the most efficient, ethical, practical and effective means of collating wholesale stock.

As an additional service, we offer to assist you personally with your purchasing in a manner that has been MHRA vetted and approved, again making it easier for you to concentrate on your core pharmacy business. Please contact us if you would like further details.